The shittier the Wx, the better the adventure. That’s what I tell myself anyway…



Despite the severe wind warning NOAA was putting out, I felt it was the perfect day to head out into the desert for some solo riding. Winds on the way out were 40-50 and blew me into the oncoming lane a few times, but the lean traffic made it only scary, not deadly. I got onto the dirt before I had planned to get the fuck off the highway, didn’t need to paint the grill of a semi. Plenty dirt roads to get me where I wanted to go.

For a little background, I used to work for the US Forest Service in this area for around 10 years. 8 of those I lived in very remote Guard Stations, basically remote fire stations, not lookout towers. My love for, and sense of peace found, out in this part of the world is immeasurable. Every time I get out on the East Ft.Rock is a good time. Helps to know damn near every stick in the place.

The initial plan was to go camping out somewhere deeper in the desert, a place called the Lost Forest, basically a large stand of trees in the middle of the desert. Wx quickly changed that idea to a decent day trip.

Started  the sightseeing at a very large Pondo all alone in the desert.


It’s 6.5′ DBH, the last of it’s size out here. No, I won’t give out it’s location. Too many redneck sisterfuckers get hard dicks ruining such things.


Things rapidly went to pot as I headed into the wooded areas and started encountering downed trees. The topper was when I stopped for a spell then tried to restart the bike and there was no power. As in none. Dead. On a OHV trail 35 miles from town. Shook and wiggled shit for 10 minutes and it finally came to life. Decided it was time to wrap it up and headed home.

Found all the wires to the battery negative loose so tightened it all up and it was good to go.


Super exciting I know, but I’ve been sitting on this for a couple months and just wanted to get it the fuck out there.


New excitingly topical stuff to come!!


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