Let the Party Begin…


Trying to get a resume and cover letter built out of the mass of shit that is my govt application and slightly over the top employment history is less fun than one might imagine. Thankfully, a good friend/former tech recruiter has offered some guidance. I love her.

On the update side of life, friend David of the testicular cancer has been recovering and has a new blog post here. Some good honest stuff.

Thanks again to all here who kicked in a few ducats for him, tis very greatly appreciated.

I’m not yet up for this winter. Usually the coming of cold and snow is invigorating, but this year it’s a fucking bummer. Wanna run trails shirtless and get miles in on Thumper. And not have to try and avoid slipping and falling on my ass every time a foot hits the ground. Thankfully, there isn’t an option but to deal with it which makes it easier. Suck it up, buttercup.


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