Bustin’ Loose!!

I’ve come to find my previous tactic of waiting long periods of time to blast out rambling missives doesn’t serve my writing urge very well, so I’ll be posting more frequent, shorter posts about random dumb shit. This will either elicit a squeal of glee or a groan frustration, but that’s on you.
The powers that be at Fruit, the Cupertino based tech company I moved to this hellhole to work for, has recognized my hard efforts and blessed me with a paid day off which I’m applying to tomorrow. And how shall I utilize this? Stoned surrounded by food wrappers in front of a screen? Perish the thought. Thumper and I are headed, here in a bit, to Mercey Hot Springs, a little oasis of peace in the odd little dry land patch between I-5 and the 101. I’ve spent most of my camping, riding, get the fuck out of dodge time in this general area and it has been a lifesaver.

Fancier and more spendy than my favorite developed springs in Oregon it’s rustic by Cali standards. Keeps the super yuppies at bay.

This will also be a tiny shakedown run for some recent adjustments to the bike and new gear that will be part of the big 4000+mile 3-4 week SW moto ramble I’ll be heading out on after my contract is up here in a few weeks. I’m so goddamn excited! Gonna be a hoot. More details on that to come, be good to run into some folks while I’m oot and aboot.

Time to prep Thumper and finish packing, y’all have a sweet Sunday.

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