Put yer big people panties on, it’s gonna get a little rough here for a bit. I’m a little fired up. Pun intended.

So, once again California is a raging inferno, big surprise. Welcome to the West the past 15 years. Many places in the west that have fought tooth and nail to oppose any appreciable fuels management/fire mitigation work done are feeling the consequences of their actions these past 6-7 years and chalk it up to the current bogeyman of the day for anything that happens outside your house: GLOBAL WARMING DID IT!!!!!!!11!!

No, you fucking short sighted pin headed assholes, a century plus of ignoring wildland health conditions and the warnings of professional fire managers like my(former)self and scientists is why this is happening. IT’S YOUR FAULT, fucknuts!

Not the Guv’mnt (well, excepting Smokey the Bear Lying Cunt), not the evvvvvilllll corporations, not immigrants or white trash or the Muslims. YOU.

“Logging and thinning is ugly”, “Fires destroy the forest”, “The more growth the better off things are”, “We camped here when I was 6 so it has to be just like that foreeevvverrrr!!”, “NIMBY”, etc, etc, etc.

Got some news for ya, the ecological cycles of the natural world are much longer term and consequential than your sad little life. Any of ours. Do you think the Nez Perce ran around with elk hide buckets hucking water at the flames every time a fire kicked up? How do you think all these beautiful places got to be the way they are? Luck? It has been, and always will be, fire. Or the closest approximation we can apply on a regular basis in areas where fire is just too risky, mainly the wildland-urban interface.

The intensity of fires of late shows just how severe the conditions have gotten in the realm of neglect. Wouldn’t burn like this without the massive excess of available fuels across the West. Yes, it’s a collection of factors, but the others are largely moot without fuels to burn. Healthy forests with a regular fire regime don’t tend to support running crown fires. Unless that’s their historical fire regime. Stand replacement fires are a real thing, not a ‘disaster’. Every continent has a deep fire history except Antarctica, and that’s due it’s current location. Before it was there it burned like a motherfucker, just like every other patch of land.

This is gonna come off as harsh, but I’m glad it’s finally civilians getting burned up in these fires and not firefighters. I’ve lost friends and have seen the fallout of every firefighter fatality since my first fire season in 1989. Folks talk about their brave heros, build a memorial, make fucking atrocious, unforgivable movies (suck a fat dick in hell, Josh Brolin) then it snows and they forget all about wildfire fatalities till the net round.

Maybe now that the bodies aren’t clothed in Nomex people will listen, and more importantly, act.


This is the memorial cross where Scott died, his body was right there, 30 feet from the top of the ridge and potential safety. 11 other people were behind him. 2 helitack folks went another way and died in the most miserable, heartbreaking location and manner imaginable. Since the South Canyon Fire in 1994, where he and the 13 others, many friends and acquaintances, died, 376 people have died fighting wildfires, 51 in burnovers, the most awful way to die.

Eager, hardworking, adventure seeking badasses have been putting themselves out there year after year, many temporary employees with no benefits and meager pay, and dying because you can’t face reality concerning the need for a fundamental change in our relationship with the natural world and fire.

Maybe now that wine snobs are dying you’ll give a shit.

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