Taz Rides Again!

Yep, It’s been a while. Partly because I wanted to let my attitude towards the shop I worked with level out a bit as it was a very negative, yet very educational, experience.

The fascinatingly poor capacity of a large dealership to deal competently, honestly, and reasonably with what should have been a fairly straightforward issue still bums me out. However, as, at the time, I had no real idea how the DCT worked and potential issues that could arise, I can now say my knowledge of it’s function and how to troubleshoot issues that can come up are top shelf.

The name of said dealership won’t be given, as we came to a détente on the matter after a few rather heated exchanges. Not here to talk shit unnecessarily, resentment is suicide and I don’t care to spend time living in a negative experience from the past when I can ride and smile now that the Twin it tip top and running well.

Plus the repair I had to do to the plastics the tech at the shop broke actually gives Taz a little more character.

Chicks dig scars!

Ended up doing a great deal of travel for work, so but the time I got it back there wasn’t a chance of getting in a real trip in, but plenty day trips were had.

This year, however, the miles are going to pile on. The first real adventure will be a the same Crooked River Campout in March that the issue arose during last year. Back on the horse as it were. Good friend B-Rad from Calgary and I are planning a big 10-14 day summer trip in July involving a run through far NE Cali, far NW Nevada and large portions of the Idaho BDR after which he’ll head back north and I’ll probably run the Washington BDR north to south on the way back home.

Hoping to get 10-12k miles in this year…time will tell.

To be sure of smooth riding, here shortly I’ll be tearing the swingarm off and lubing all the suspension and other pivots, changing out the brake fluid and anti-freeze and potentially getting stiffer springs front and rear. Champing at the bit to get after some adventures and don’t care to have shoddy maintenance get in the way.

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