Willy Nelson

As Bruce Buffer would say, “IT’S TIME!!!!!!!!!”

After a couple months of contemplation and a few weeks of actual planning and prep the big North American moto haul shall be underway in a couple hours. Crap is packed, loose routes and sights to see roughly laid out, and maintenance on Thumper is done.

Current set up is on the left, the old is right. Ditching the cargo boxes that almost destroyed my leg in a crash near the Salton Sea has saved a ton of weight and the current set up better distributes the load for off pavement riding. The packing is a little trickier and won’t be sorted till after a few days on the road, but the reduction in weight and increase in maneuverability are worth it.

This first week will see me heading up through eastern Oregon and Washington to land in Revelstoke BC in time for Canada Day, July 1. It all gets a little fuzzy from there. Next week it’ll be more clear.

Not much more to add. I’ll try and post here weekly and on Instagram as often as possible (@kpicard44). Feel free to shout out if I’m in your area and you want to grab a cup of coffee or just shoot the shit.

I hope to see many of you out there on the road adventuring and exploring on your own.


2 thoughts on “Willy Nelson

  1. Steven Livingston

    Gonna have to get me one of them there KLR’s. They might not be fast, but they sure are slow. But the damn things are just absolute hammers; you can’t break ’em. And, if you do, you can fix them with the contents of your pockets. Always thought the proper number of bikes to have is X+1, anyway. One question (seeing as how it’s an ’05 & all): did you do the Doo Hickey on it?

    1. louispk

      Yes, the Do was done by the previous owner. No issues with it. This KLR kicks ass, I highly recommend one, Gen 1 or 2.

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