Back at it

After a solid 3 weeks in Canada, it’s time to start heading east again. Here in a bit I’m heading out to Drumheller, AB to check out the Royal Tyrell Museum which is loaded with dinosaur artifacts. The Alberta Badlands are one of those rare places loaded with fossils of all kinds that I can’t wait to check out. Camping out in a ghost town called Sorry then tomorrow heading back into the states to hit the Missouri River breaks in Montana. And check my texts. With zero cellular up here I imagine a few have piled up in the last while. Unless I’m just deluded about my general popularity among friends. Either way.

I can’t thank Brad and Becky enough for their exceptional generosity and friendship. In the past decade, whenever I’ve done a big stupid thing it’s usually been in the company of Brad. We do dumb well together.

Need to thank Ian (ianincalgary on AdvRider) for bringing by a couple tools that saves me a ton of cash and allowed me to get Thumper back up and running for the next leg.

Since leaving Canada a decade ago it remains one of my favorite places on Earth full of excellent and well loved friends. I’ll be back.

Now it’s time to roll east and see what’s in store that direction.

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