North, so far north.

Kinda missed the boat by not finding time to post while in Calgary so it’ll be getting done from here in Ft. Nelson, BC. As in a stone’s throw from the NWT and really really far north. 

Calgary was a blast as usual. It’s impossible not too be active there, the place calls me to get out and play. Got in some good runs, a day on bikes with Mike Bee doing some urban touring topped off with a brisk swim in the Bow River and a fun hike up Ha Ling peak above Canmore with Leslie B. Come to think of it, a lot of the folks I hung out with had last names starting with a B. Random thought. Dinner with Adam, Charlotte and their kid was fun, but I got violently ill and was down for 2 days sweating, sleeping, and blowing out both ends. 

After that ball of fun I was back at it getting to attend a couple BBQs and finally getting to see friend Misty and her awesome hubby, Howard. 

Managed to get some maintenance done on the bike for leg 2 of the Big Trek: Yellowknife, NWT. Took off last Sunday with a first leg involving 400 miles of gravel road. Freshly graded for the most part which is nice in a car, but sucks ass on a bike. The next couple days were mostly places, but big miles to get north as quickly as possible. 4-500 mile days pushing hard through some of the most stunning county imaginable. I’ve said that before and I’ll say it again on this trip, so many wonderful sights. Found an excellent coffee shop here in Ft Nelson from which I’m typing this out on me little phone. Today is mellowish, 200 miles paved, 200 gravel up to Ft Simpson. Tomorrow is Yellowknife and beyond to go camp out in the true middle of nowhere. If we’re lucky the northern lights will put on an appearance. 

Wildlife has been sparse, but i have seen a wolf and a couple black bears. How to see some bison in northern Alberta on the way back.

Quick and dirt, sorry no links, they’re a pain to do on a phone. Please feel free to like or share this blog if you like it, much appreciated.

More to come sooner than later.

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